John Christensen

provenance: USA

“My photography is an experience that manifests when I am open and creative, aware of my surroundings, and blessed by the presents of mother natures magnificent beauty in our environment. My goal is to bring back to life my experiences by capturing the spirit of the natural essence in our ever-changing world. I was born in Long Beach California in 1951, and lived there until the age of seven. I moved to Orange County California, at that time a conservative agrarian culture with beautiful orange groves and sunny southern California beaches. I acquired my Bachelor of Arts degree in art from California State University at Fullerton in 1975. After graduation, while traveling in Europe, I found an interest in photography. I moved into the Willshire building in downtown Fullerton and created a painting studio. My first love in art is painting. I found I had the ability to photograph paintings for graphic reproduction, marketing and documentation purposes. This provided me with some financial income while supporting my painting explorations. After moving to Santa Cruz California in the summer of 1978 my photography evolved into a commercial studio. I have since participated in all aspects of the photography industry. Now I enjoy manifesting my photographic experiences into fine art-using traditional methods of Photography combined with digital forms of scanning and printing to produce the final print.”

John Louis Christensen
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