Philip Hellsten

provenance: USA
sources: Andy Warhol, Georges-Pierre Seurat, Chuck Close, mosaics from Ravenna, Italy and early computer art by artists like Ken Knowlton

“I grew up in New York and moved to California at the age of 18. I had always studied art with a brief stint in architecture. In the early 70’s I discovered the computer-generated art of Ken Knowlton made from a set of black dominos. I was very intrigued by them and in the late 90’s attempted to translate one into paint rather than make it out of dominos. The rest is history. It took me months to get the right palette. I call my work pixelism or photo-shop-realism. I consider my work “minimalist” and “perceptual” rather than conceptual. The new work is done in “13 Shades of Gray”. In the future I plan on dropping the pixels and doing more of a paint-by-number effect. Eventually adding color glazes over the black and white image like the masters used to do.”

Philip Hellsten

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